About ALIGN4energy

About the project

Due to the significant information, coordination, and transaction costs that individuals and citizen collectives face, the energy transition in residential structures takes a very long time. At the same time, policymakers are expected to coordinate a complicated process that determines the overall effectiveness of the new energy system and the cost of decarbonization. ALIGN4energy aims to address both challenges through eight work packages. It does so by: 


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Societal impact

Using customized rather than standardized behavioral interventions encourages clean energy investments by (groups of) citizens. We will test these customized behavioral interventions systematically and at a large scale, both online and offline, allowing improvements. 


This approach enables:

Scientific impact

This project uses a bottom-up, data-driven strategy to align and integrate research on human systems (individual and group decisions, social dynamics) with modelling of energy systems. If achieved, this allows for the simultaneous optimization of investments in clean energy at both the individual and energy system level. The resulting digital decision-support system will provide tailored information to citizens and politicians.